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Moving to Teddington [What You Need to Know]

Thinking about moving to Teddington? This might as well be the best decision you have ever made! Located in South West London, Teddington is recognised as one of the best places to live which was affirmed by The Sunday Times in 2021.

There is never going back once you get into the town and here’s why, 


• Diversity 

Teddington is a beautiful place with serene surroundings that accommodate all kinds of races. You heard that right, it can be compared to a small village with all kinds of people whether black, white, Hispanic, or Chinese. 

Racism is a rare aspect and you’ll be sure to enjoy equal opportunities regardless of your background, culture, nationality, gender identity, or religion. When you think of Teddington, think of a fair society that allows everyone to maximise their potential in the broadest sense. 

• Property Types and Prices

The town’s beauty is like nothing you’ve come across: It has iconic green streets close to homes with playgrounds and little parks for each estate. For people moving, the options are unlimited with flats and big homes to accommodate all kinds of families. 

The average buying price for a property in Teddington is £849633. Different property types sell differently as seen:

  1. Big Beautiful Victorian Villas - Found along Teddington Park Road. The average price for Detached houses is £1,520,312 while semi-detached go for £1,254,606
  2. Detached 5 BR and 6 BR Victorian or Edwardian Homes - Found along prime streets closest to the river e.g Broom Water. They cost £2.5m to £4m. 4BR homes along Trolock Avenue cost around £1.4m
  3. Cottages - Found along Stanely Road, these Victorian cottages give better value for money. 2BR cottages cost a bit over £500,000 while 4BR cost £900,000.
  4. Flats - These are new developments mostly found in Teddington Gate, a boutique gated development of 35 houses and flats off Hampton Road. 1 BR apartments go for £399,995 while 2 BR apartments go for £529,995. 

Whether you want to live alone, with a friend, or with an extended family, there is a choice for you. These are the typical kind of places and lives that we grew up admiring and working hard to acquire. 

• Shopping

Teddington has plenty of boutiques and lovely shops such as the One Hundred High Street which specializes in women’s clothes and accessories. All the useful basics like banks and supermarkets as well as mid-range chain restaurants ( The French Tarte, The Fallow Deer ) and pubs (The Anglers, Tide End Cottages ) are available. 

• Transportation

You’ll enjoy easy access to central London from Teddington Railway Station. Bus services via broad street are also available. The town boasts well-tarmacked roads such as the Teddington Road and with the Waze app, you can get real-time directions on the good roads to follow during your stay and those that don’t have heavy traffic. 

• Good Schools

Your children will also receive a decent education in good institutions, such as Teddington School, which has a history of cultivating a culture of study and ambition. This gives pupils the confidence to succeed and develop the skills and values necessary to contribute constructively to society.

Bottom Line: Excellent Place To Live, Not for the Faint-Hearted
Teddington is an excellent place to live, to say the least, but you’ve got to be ready to part with a hefty amount. Buying and renting in Teddington is expensive but on the flip side, you’re guaranteed value for your money. Get a Free Moving Quote:

It boasts elegance and luxury with its iconic architecture and luscious greenery. You’ll get serenity, proper amenities, and everything the upper echelon enjoys unapologetically!

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