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Moving to Teddington [What You Need to Know]

Thinking about moving to Teddington? This might as well be the best decision you have ever made! Located in South West London, Teddington is recognised as one of the best places to live which was affirmed by The Sunday Times in 2021.

There is never going back once you get into the town and here’s why, 


• Diversity 

Teddington is a beautiful place with serene surroundings that accommodate all kinds of races. You heard that right, it can be compared to a small village with all kinds of people whether black, white, Hispanic, or Chinese. 

Racism is a rare aspect and you’ll be sure to enjoy equal opportunities regardless of your background, culture, nationality, gender identity, or religion. When you think of Teddington, think of a fair society that allows everyone to maximise their potential in the broadest sense. 

• Property Types and Prices

The town’s beauty is like nothing you’ve come across: It has iconic green streets close to homes with playgrounds and little parks for each estate. For people moving, the options are unlimited with flats and big homes to accommodate all kinds of families. 

The average buying price for a property in Teddington is £849633. Different property types sell differently as seen:

  1. Big Beautiful Victorian Villas - Found along Teddington Park Road. The average price for Detached houses is £1,520,312 while semi-detached go for £1,254,606
  2. Detached 5 BR and 6 BR Victorian or Edwardian Homes - Found along prime streets closest to the river e.g Broom Water. They cost £2.5m to £4m. 4BR homes along Trolock Avenue cost around £1.4m
  3. Cottages - Found along Stanely Road, these Victorian cottages give better value for money. 2BR cottages cost a bit over £500,000 while 4BR cost £900,000.
  4. Flats - These are new developments mostly found in Teddington Gate, a boutique gated development of 35 houses and flats off Hampton Road. 1 BR apartments go for £399,995 while 2 BR apartments go for £529,995. 

Whether you want to live alone, with a friend, or with an extended family, there is a choice for you. These are the typical kind of places and lives that we grew up admiring and working hard to acquire. 

• Shopping

Teddington has plenty of boutiques and lovely shops such as the One Hundred High Street which specializes in women’s clothes and accessories. All the useful basics like banks and supermarkets as well as mid-range chain restaurants ( The French Tarte, The Fallow Deer ) and pubs (The Anglers, Tide End Cottages ) are available. 

• Transportation

You’ll enjoy easy access to central London from Teddington Railway Station. Bus services via broad street are also available. The town boasts well-tarmacked roads such as the Teddington Road and with the Waze app, you can get real-time directions on the good roads to follow during your stay and those that don’t have heavy traffic. 

• Good Schools

Your children will also receive a decent education in good institutions, such as Teddington School, which has a history of cultivating a culture of study and ambition. This gives pupils the confidence to succeed and develop the skills and values necessary to contribute constructively to society.

Bottom Line: Excellent Place To Live, Not for the Faint-Hearted
Teddington is an excellent place to live, to say the least, but you’ve got to be ready to part with a hefty amount. Buying and renting in Teddington is expensive but on the flip side, you’re guaranteed value for your money. Get a Free Moving Quote:

It boasts elegance and luxury with its iconic architecture and luscious greenery. You’ll get serenity, proper amenities, and everything the upper echelon enjoys unapologetically!

Reasons To Use Our European Movers Services

If you are currently in the UK, and you are contemplating a move into an area of Europe, you will want to have professional assistance. Transitioning your belongings over the span of several hundred kilo-meters, is a journey that will always require some type of assistance from a removals specialist. There are businesses that have been transitioning people from the UK to Europe for decades, many of which offer exceptional deals on the services that they provide. If you are looking for a company that offers comprehensive and affordable removals to Europe, this is why you should consider working with our European movers to accomplish this task.

What Type Of Services Are Offered?

First of all, you will always want to work with a business that has weekly transport going into Europe from the UK. The company that you choose should implement classical furniture moving strategies and utilize computer-based and reliable tracking systems. It's important to have this combination of traditional expertise along with technological advancements that can expedite your move and keep your belongings safe. The type of materials that they will move should also be very comprehensive. This should include moving computers, organs, pianos, or even something as small as a house plant. All of these services and more are available from our business.

Is It Difficult To Move To Europe From The UK?

There are some people that have found it difficult to enter Europe from the UK when moving their belongings. That is why our company specialises in using a specialist vehicle, a small trans-ship vehicle that can get you into any European location. Additionally, we will have the manpower necessary to help you, regardless of how many belongings that you are transitioning. If you have exceptionally heavy furniture, we can even coordinate the use of outside elevators for the largest items. Whether you are moving upstairs, downstairs, or simply moving your belongings into a regular home, our company will know exactly what to do.

What About New Customs Required For Moving To Europe In 2021

Our company is well aware of brand-new EU customs regulations that must be abided by when you are moving into Europe. According to these new regulations, which are customs declarations, all exports from the UK must be declared. By not doing so, you may take up to six additional months to move your belongings to your destination. Therefore, whether you are an individual transporting personal items, or a business moving your merchandise, we will know exactly what to do to ensure your belongings arrive right on time.

It is so important to work with a professional removals company that understands how to move virtually any item safely and securely. They should also understand new customs declarations, ensuring that all of your belongings will arrive as scheduled. That is why you should consider working with our business that has been transitioning people from the UK into Europe for many years. We will make sure that all of your belongings arrive on time, and intact, using our professional system and are highly trained workers that can help you out. To find out more information about our European movers program, visit our website today


All You Need To Know About Securing A Successful Relocation To Bracknell, Berkshire

CENTRAL MOVES Removals & Storage: All You Need To Know About Securing A Successful Relocation To Bracknell, Berkshire

The town of Bracknell which is located in Berkshire, South East England has a rich history going back to the pre-historic era. From its start as a small village to its rise as a self-contained country town surrounded by lots of open country spaces, the town has attracted many famous visitors over the years including the queen as well as many high value technological companies.

Today, Bracknell which is located in close proximity to London and Reading plays host to many local as well as international companies such as Fujitsu and Panasonic. It is also home to the headquarters of the Royal Meteorological Society as well as The Look Out Discovery centre. The growth of Bracknell as a business hub can be attributed to the fact that it has great transportation networks that link it to major towns in the vicinity.

Apart from the bustling town centre, Bracknell has several boroughs filled with country homes that are ideal for raising a family. All the boroughs are surrounded by open fields and forests meaning that you and your kids will have tons of fun activities to undertake once you move into the town.

If you are looking to move into Bracknell, there are plenty of commercial buildings that are for lease in the town centre. There are also numerous types of residential properties that you can either purchase or purchase within Bracknell. The house prices in the area tend to vary depending your preferred type of house as well as the number of rooms in the property. On average, flats cost around £254,000, terraced properties cost around £386,000, semi-detached houses cost around £491,000 while detached houses cost around £994,000. It is worth mentioning that over the years, property value in Bracknell has been on a steady rise. This simply goes to show that buying a property in the area is a great investment decision.

If you are looking to move into Bracknell, it is best that you entrust your relocation to a moving company of repute. A recent study done among the people who have moved to the area in recent years shows that most of the respondents consider CENTRAL MOVES Removals & Storage to be the premier relocation specialists in Bracknell.

Below are some of the reasons why the company is held in regard by people who have sought moving services in the recent past…

  • They are fully licensed
  • They are certified by professional bodies such as the European Movers Network and the Association of Independent Movers (AIM)
  • They are members of professional bodies such as the Association Of Independent Movers (AIM )
  • They can handle commercial relocations and residential moves of any magnitude
  • They offer specialist packing services for delicate items such as pianos, antiques and art
  • They offer comprehensive removals services that include packing, loading and unloading
  • They offer secure storage services for both office items and personal possessions such as furniture
  • They have a straightforward and simple billing process that includes a free online quotation to clients

Whether you are looking to move into Bracknell to start a business, open up a new office or you are building a new home, CENTRAL MOVES Removals & Storage will guarantee you a stress-free and timely relocation. All you need to do is get in touch by calling 0202 8892 8931 or 0800216123 (toll free). Alternatively, you can get in touch with the moving specialists at the company by visiting or send an email to

Destination Services for a Smooth Move to Twickenham, West London

Moving house has never really just been about a change of scenery. At times it means a fresh start, healing from sore wounds, putting the past behind you or even continuation of an adventurous journey. Other times it could even mean separation from your loved ones by a sudden job change or forced circumstance. Irrespective of the reason for your move, the decision to move to Twickenham is a brilliant one. Whether Twickenham is a brand-new destination to you or one that you are familiar with, it is undoubtedly going to be a great experience. You will need a Removals Company Twickenham 

One of the reasons why Twickenham is a popular suburb is the peace and quiet it offers. It is located alongside a river, giving a tranquil atmosphere. It also has a strong sense of community. When moving to Twickenham therefore, you need not worry about fitting in or discrimination for that matter. The residents are social, friendly and harbour a strong sense of community regardless of appearance or economic well-being. With this comes plenty of recreational space. Aside from the riverfront, the town has large communal gardens found in St Peter’s, St George’s and Ailsa Roads. 

When it comes to dwelling areas, it has a wide variety to a variety of homes. Want a semidetached, big detached, terraced house, flat or perhaps an apartment? Twickenham has got them all, at affordable rents and are also move-in ready. It is also home to some of the best state schools, so in case you’re apprehensive about your kids’ education, don’t be. The amenities are ideal, seeing as it has well-built roads and reliable commuter trains.

Last but certainly not least, be sure to up your social game while here due to the more-than-80K seating capacity Twickenham Stadium which is the largest union stadium for rugby and is, therefore, Home of England Rugby. 

West London, in general, is a top living destination and its glory is well deserved. First and foremost is the unparalleled thriving economy. You’re sure to find work, initiate businesses and be your best self. It also has a lively diverse environment with its metropolitan nature of people from all cultures and backgrounds. To top it off, the ambience is serene, due to its green spaces and wonderful historic sites. 

West London is vibrant with uncountable social spaces like eat-outs, drinking spots and shopping stores. Take the Central Line to Bond Street for example, with a stream of boutiques to window shop from. The antique market at Portobello Road is also a great shopping area and has numerous crowds taking strolls in it day after day.

To ease your move, it's critical to have the best moving company. One that will be timely, efficient and in general give you the smoothest transition from the old to the new. It is such an invaluable resource. The ultimate company to go for in Twickenham is Central moves removals and storage. They will cater for all your packing, moving, loading and unloading needs. Both for small and large moves. Besides this, they also offer international moves for the best prices. For this and many more services, choose Central moves and dream about your new life while they do the rest.




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